Skate Art – Ilona Kate Customs

Recently I have started drawing on longboards. I got a beautiful Land Yachtz pintail longboard last year which I adore! But it got me thinking… maybe I could find some blank decks and draw on them!

My experience with art is quite minimal, I never studied it at school. A few years ago, however, I started drawing mandalas as a way to ‘reset’ after attending some difficult jobs as a Paramedic in North Queensland. Originally, they just started as some random patterns on scrap pieces of paper, but then I enjoyed it more and more. Whilst in Whistler, I drew on a few snowboards which was quite the learning curve! Obviously, snowboards are a little more hard to come by in Australia, so skateboards, cruisers and longboards are what I have progressed to. Hopefully some surfboards will be coming up soon!

All of these boards are fully functional. I source them from local skate shops, remove the grip tape, lightly sand the surface, draw on a design with POSCA paint pens, and then spray a layer of clear coat on the board. Some of the boards have then had clear grip tape applied and the trucks and wheels reattached.

I would like to start selling some of these decks, either as functional longboards or pieces of art.

Enjoy the photos below, you can visit my shop here